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Riding on the beach

I couldn’t find a photo of the Oregon coast but here is one of the Giant’s Causeway that I took in 2001 when we were touring Ireland.  It is very windy there at the top of Ireland but such a site! One of the wonders of the world that was created by nature.

I have always wanted to ride a horse down the beach seeing the waves break and hearing the birds twitter.  Well, it never happened but I have enjoyed the Oregon coast many times sitting on the warm sand and watching the waves come in. There were always these little birds that would run out to pick up food on the wet sand and as soon as the waves came in they would run back to the dry sand.  I have no idea what species these birds were but it was mesmerizing to watch them. They were always in a group too so they must have been social birds.

I loved walking along the beach and finding a small shell here and there.  They say now that it is against the law – are they afraid there will no longer be shells.  To me, as long as the ocean is there and there is life in the ocean, there will be shells.   In some states they don’t even want you to pick up a rock.  I can see not picking up antiquities but a plain rock. Give me a break!

Now how did I go from the wonderful experiences on the beach that leave me in a breezy quiet and content mood to anger about the people who think rocks are to be left alone. Don’t know! There is a plus and a minus in all things.

What can I say?

I went to pick up a prescription at Costco today.  It was supposed to be ready around 2ish so I got there about 3 PM thinking that would be plenty of time for them to have it ready.  

When I asked for it, the young lady said “it’s not quite ready, it will be about two minutes or so.”  Fifteen minutes later, it was finally ready.  I was checking out with my Costco card and then reached in for my debit card to pay.  As I was getting ready to run my card through the machine, she said “no that won’t work”. I looked up with a question in my eyes and she said, “your drivers license won’t work”.  Well, what can I say, I grabbed the wrong plastic card.

We have too many plastic cards in our wallets these days.

Little Booty

I created a new look with these little boots made of sterling silver with a small inset turquoise stone. Large long earrings are in this season and this fits the bill.  They dangle around two inches.  Are boots in again?  I don’t think they ever left the west.

I had a pair of grey swede pointy toed cowboy boots and a grey swede cowboy hat that covered my long blonde hair back in my single days. My friend Maurine and I used to ride around in her baby blue chevy convertible wearing our cowboy hats and boots.  We thought that we were the best in the west.

One day as we were driving south on State, we noticed a few motorcycles coming up beside us. The next thing we knew, we were surrounded by motorcycles.  Hells angels from California had just surrounded us. They did some whistling and cat calls making both of us extremely nervous.  After about three blocks of this, they just took off.   Needless to say, we were very relieved that we didn’t have to deal with them.  We were not fast like those California girls.

Only six words

Snoop, researcher, writer, spiritual, daring and conservative.  That’s me.  I’ve always been curious and love to snoop which brings in research and genealogy.  I just keep at it until I am successful. Writer – always writing something even if it is just a note of the to do list plus I made a living writing boring procedures on equipment for a manufacturing plant. Spiritual – very, I listen for the spirit, I pray, I attend church weekly and go to the temple (hopefully, at least once a month). Daring especially in my youth, I drove the Alcan highway to Alaska from Idaho by my self.  I stayed in Alaska 8 years.  I don’t hesitate to contact a cousin to share genealogy information even though we have never met. Conservative, well that certainly is a contrast to daring but it is true anyway.  I dress conservatively and don’t go for the outlandish styles in any form.

From all that, do I have enough Mojo to create? My daughter is a graphic designer and has been very successful in her profession but she has a BA degree from the University.  My great Uncle Tony was a graphic artist.  He used to hand draw bill boards for movie theaters and made his living with graphic art. Perhaps, some of that talent has rubbed off on me.

The photo is my first spiral top and bottomed earring.

Making bracelets to a personalized size

Yesterday, I spent more of my earring making time in remaking three bracelets for special orders which match my earrings. Matching sets are the in thing and yet, you see on TV and in Ads that they are wearing whatever strikes them, not matching sets.

I’ve discovered an artist who makes the most unique rings.  I love his work.  He works in Italy but also spends a great deal of his time in Israel.  He uses some of the examples from Egyptian art to create his work.

I get a weekly massage and during this massage, I’ve been having a Chinese method of relaxing the knots with a special machine that has suction cups.  Sometimes, they leave great big bruises on my back and neck. This week I have one the size of a baseball – it kinda reminds me of crop circles.


Etsy liked my new wood and aqua earrings and have added them to the Treasury page. Yahoooooooo!  Now that my house is full, I don’t have as much free time to work on my earrings and of course, gotta have the Mojo working for creativity.  To work to work, I’ll get it done one day.

I received my Christopher Fowler book yesterday.  I have five of his books now about the Peculiar Crimes Unit mysteries.  They are all based in London and are very descriptive of the parts of London that tourists never see.  I quite enjoy his books; he is a very good writer who lives in London. I was a little ticked off that our local library only has one of his books so I’ve had to order the rest of his books.  The one that I am currently reading is called “The Water Room”.  I like some of his descriptions, like: ” the area where too many lives were lived at discount rates” and “time stretched back to the boredom of childhood”.

Every so often I run across a saying that I just love; usually I have to write it down to remember it and perhaps, I can use it some time but maybe not since that is plagiarism.

It’s snowing – coming down like crazy.  Forgot to look at the weather yesterday – they are wrong a lot anyway.  Whoever thought that they could really forecast the real weather anyway! We had sunshine yesterday and it was almost warm until a breeze came up. The snow is sticking and has covered everything.

New element

Today I used a new element in my earring making: wood.  Actually, I think wood and shells blend really well. I’ve been trying to get my creative Mojo working.  Sometimes, it takes awhile. My latest creations are shown above. I am having one of those nights when I can’t sleep.  They happen periodically and sometimes I know the reasons: like the full moon, or eating too much sweets before going to bed, or just being the insomniac that I am.

Blue is a very popular color and it is a year for lavender and purple. They seem to emanate luxury.