What’s the Deal with Pockets

One day I was waiting in line at the post office when I noticed a man wearing levi’s with the most unusual pockets.  I kept staring and staring – couldn’t take my eyes off his rear – not because it was cute like Tom Hanks butt in the movie Sleepless in Seattle but because the pockets were amber on the top and just inside like rawhide but the levis were blue.  The whole pocket was in the shape of an upside down amber pear.

I really think that this pocket thing started way back when Sleepless in Seattle came out – let me think; when was that?  Well, I had to go get my movie to see!  Was it in 1983? My VCR broke so I had to order a DVD of my movie and it says the 10th anniversary edition and it was put out in 2003.  Can you believe that there are subtitles in Chinese, Korean and Thai on this movie?

I don’t know about you but if I had a tiny way cute butt, I would not mind having jewels or stars, clouds, or all sorts of designs on my pockets.  But when I see an adult with a huge butt wearing pockets that just draw your eyes there, I think lady can do you really know what your behind looks like. Ugh!


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