Backside photo

One ad in the monthly magazine for local shops was well laid out but one photo showed two women with back shots. The first woman was longer waisted so it made her look as if she was shorter. She had a cute butt.  On the other hand, the dark haired woman’s butt was higher and hers looked really really fat.  What can I say, they apparently proofed the ad before it was published! The pockets were normal size but the stitching was in white thread so as to make them standout. Walla, they do! The stitching zigzagged across the pocket while another zigged downwards.  There was a double stitch across the top of the pockets all the way to both sides and another double stitch from the waist going right to the crotch.  Maybe they want their beauty shop to have some competition to the bikini shop (where the women all wear bikinis to cut hair).


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