Etsy liked my new wood and aqua earrings and have added them to the Treasury page. Yahoooooooo!  Now that my house is full, I don’t have as much free time to work on my earrings and of course, gotta have the Mojo working for creativity.  To work to work, I’ll get it done one day.

I received my Christopher Fowler book yesterday.  I have five of his books now about the Peculiar Crimes Unit mysteries.  They are all based in London and are very descriptive of the parts of London that tourists never see.  I quite enjoy his books; he is a very good writer who lives in London. I was a little ticked off that our local library only has one of his books so I’ve had to order the rest of his books.  The one that I am currently reading is called “The Water Room”.  I like some of his descriptions, like: ” the area where too many lives were lived at discount rates” and “time stretched back to the boredom of childhood”.

Every so often I run across a saying that I just love; usually I have to write it down to remember it and perhaps, I can use it some time but maybe not since that is plagiarism.

It’s snowing – coming down like crazy.  Forgot to look at the weather yesterday – they are wrong a lot anyway.  Whoever thought that they could really forecast the real weather anyway! We had sunshine yesterday and it was almost warm until a breeze came up. The snow is sticking and has covered everything.


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