Riding on the beach

I couldn’t find a photo of the Oregon coast but here is one of the Giant’s Causeway that I took in 2001 when we were touring Ireland.  It is very windy there at the top of Ireland but such a site! One of the wonders of the world that was created by nature.

I have always wanted to ride a horse down the beach seeing the waves break and hearing the birds twitter.  Well, it never happened but I have enjoyed the Oregon coast many times sitting on the warm sand and watching the waves come in. There were always these little birds that would run out to pick up food on the wet sand and as soon as the waves came in they would run back to the dry sand.  I have no idea what species these birds were but it was mesmerizing to watch them. They were always in a group too so they must have been social birds.

I loved walking along the beach and finding a small shell here and there.  They say now that it is against the law – are they afraid there will no longer be shells.  To me, as long as the ocean is there and there is life in the ocean, there will be shells.   In some states they don’t even want you to pick up a rock.  I can see not picking up antiquities but a plain rock. Give me a break!

Now how did I go from the wonderful experiences on the beach that leave me in a breezy quiet and content mood to anger about the people who think rocks are to be left alone. Don’t know! There is a plus and a minus in all things.

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