Lunched at Vail, Colorado – top elevation of 10,600; Vail was only 6,000 ft.  Made it through the line at Subway before all the skiers came off the slopes for lunch.  We were in very deep snow but of course it was a ski resort – the roads were clear though. There was a Wendy’s with a car wash. They had home made fudge there in different flavors. Had to try a little Amoretto. 

Much of the highway through this area of Colorado is on concrete bridges and one tunnel after another through mountains.  It’s a very pretty drive winter and summer at least when it is not snowing.  Saw a King Sooper truck; I’ve never seen one before but my dad used to talk about King Sooper all the time.  

Passed Frisco, Colorado (another popular ski area). It has four major ski resorts. Population 2,440.  


This museum in Frisco had formerly been a saloon then a schoolhouse.  I can’t image going to school there; how did they ever get rid of the smell? 

Statistics: For every 100 females age 18 and over, 

there were 139 males. Well, ladies, are we all going 

to Frisco?

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