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Next to Nothing

ext to nothing that is close to where I am but I am going to change that soon.  I love the green grass, trees and shrubs but I am not a great fan of moss and where I live, we usually don’t get moss but on my patio, I found some.  First time ever!

Who would think that lime green and emerald green could co-exist together.
What do you think?

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Mopping up all that Rain


I don’t know about you but I am really really ready for sunshine.  What’s with all the rain? We live in a desert and we are green green, too green.  Soon the sun will come out and it will all turn brown – look out fire season.

Lasting Love

asting love – I missed the boat on this one but I do have three beautiful grandchildren and they are the joy of my life. I will miss them dearly when they leave this fall but life is full of bitter sweet.

Why is it that as we age, we lose some of those youthful dreams? Do we lose hope that it can never be or grow in other directions? Do we get so busy and caught up in making a living that dreams slowly fall into oblivion never to return. Do we change our dreams to new ones and forget the old ones?

Perhaps, love is like a tree – if you take care of it, it will last and last but sometimes, a lightening bolt will shear it in half.


iss me quick or kiss me soft, just kiss me.  

Kindred spirit: From the adventures of Green Gables   and true friends. 

Kodak: Are they still around.  Film is disappearing because of the digital age. 

Kindness: We all need kindness in our lives to give and to receive.  It would be a more gentle and soft world and perhaps more loving.

And then there was KISS – who can forget them with their painted faces and wild costuming. I was never able to go to one of their concerts but thousands did.


oy.  Men are that they might have joy.  
We need a little bit of joy every day to brighten our lives. 

The artist who drew this intricate J felt joy when it was finished.  I feel joy when I hold my little baby granddaughter while she smiles, and coos and laughs. I  don’t even mind changing her diaper because when she is all clean, she smiles and kicks and wiggles to show me that she loves being clean.  She loves the freedom of not having restrictions of clothes. Some day she will have hair that you can see.

I am I Said

am I said, to no one there
And no one heard not even the chair.

Neil Diamond’s songs run through my head.  Did you know that he was Jewish – I did but what I didn’t know was that he was Russian-Polish.  We could be related, I am half Polish. One of my all time favorite songs was “September Morn”. Did you know that he wrote the oldies but goodies “I’m a Believer” , “A little bit me, A little bit You” that were recorded by the Monkees.  I am a romantic at heart so from the one movie that he did, which was close to home for him, about a Jew who loved music and became a popular singer which broke his parent’s heart.  Anyway, “Hello Again” was an amazing love song.

H is Hello

H: Hello, How are you? These are very common greetings in America, but in the last few years another greeting has flown through the air like it was meant to be.  I disagree but “Hey” has taken over for Hello or Hi.   Languages seem to evolve by adding new words every year. Now we have two meanings for mouse; we have enough words in English that have multiple meanings, do we not?

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