I am I Said

am I said, to no one there
And no one heard not even the chair.

Neil Diamond’s songs run through my head.  Did you know that he was Jewish – I did but what I didn’t know was that he was Russian-Polish.  We could be related, I am half Polish. One of my all time favorite songs was “September Morn”. Did you know that he wrote the oldies but goodies “I’m a Believer” , “A little bit me, A little bit You” that were recorded by the Monkees.  I am a romantic at heart so from the one movie that he did, which was close to home for him, about a Jew who loved music and became a popular singer which broke his parent’s heart.  Anyway, “Hello Again” was an amazing love song.


One thought on “I am I Said

  1. Anne

    Hi Ruth, Anne again!I didnt know Neil Diamond is half Polish. My husband and Myself went to Krakow in 2006, it is the loveliest place, but we also went to Auschwitz and that is the most moving experience of my life. To my knowledge I have no jewish ancestors but I felt an affinity there. So sad that one human being can do that to another.


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