Xylophone from Europe

Xylophone – that was what I thought I was hearing from this Hungarian Dancing Group who had come to our Folk Dance Festival. Only their instrument had strings and was called a cimbolom (hammered dulcimer) which was played by using 12 inch pieces of metal that looked like tiny spoons.  The Hungarian who played the dulcimer was very talented; I was stunned. This was a heavy wooden instrument which they had shipped to America for the Folk Festivals. They played their own music for their dancers.



I’ve also seen some very talented people who play xylophones.  They are gifted as was my father.  My father played the accordion, the piano, the organ or anything that had keys. He played by ear (not his real ear but by sound) and he also read music. I wonder if he ever heard one of these dulcimers.

These are typical hungarian costumes that the ladies wore but the most interesting part of their costume was the back where they wore something under their skirts to give each woman a small bustle.  I’ve seen no other country do this unique feature. The only bustle I ever heard about was fashion ware in the 1890s.


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