What? A Polygamist!

After gathering information from my family, I discovered that grandpa had served in World War I in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.  My dad sent me the following photos. I was on my way to finding the real story about my grandpa.

In this Chicago singing group, my grandpa Peter was the first one on the left.  Apparently, he could sing and look at that grin as if he had something up his sleeve.

Here Peter is again in his Canadian Uniform, the 2nd from the left. He still had that grin.  Well, after corresponding with the Canadian Archives  for 4 months gathering information about his service, they listed Blanche as his wife.  But wait, my grandmother was Stella not Blanche.  What did nee’ mean?  They put nee’ Ratcliffe (maiden name).  My grandfather was indeed a polygamist! 

He married my grandma in 1909; their son was born in 1911. Grandpa left Chicago, ran off to Montreal, Canada and enlisted in the army in 1915; there he married wife #2. 


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