What Happened to Wife No. 2?

It just burns my gut that ole grandpappy sent his pay to wife No. 2 while he served in WWI in Canada, England and France.  His first wife had a son to support by herself while he was gone. 

What happened to wife #2? Before CP was released from active duty, he cancelled his pay that had been going to wife #2.  He wrote to his first wife to whom he was legally married and asked her to reply sending her his WWI photo of him and his buddies.

He wrote in Polish: 
Dear Stacha, Be so kind and write me back.  

Had he even written to her once from 1915 through 1919? Did he write to both wives to keep the doors open?

Being a good Catholic woman, grandma accepted him back. With his War Metals in tow, he was released from active duty on June 2. 1919 in Montreal, and made his way back to Chicago to be reunited with his first wife.

British War Metal and Victory Metal

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