Back in Chicago after the War

After the war my grandparents were reunited and became part owners in a dry goods and shoe store. Their son Pete was eight years old when old grandpappy showed up in June of 1919.  Their next son Richard was born in March of 1921. Ole gramps just couldn’t keep himself out of trouble.  He was gambling again and made some bad investments.  In August of 1921 when Rich was 5 months old and Pete Jr. was 10, the run-a-way father took off again for Canada.  He bought a steamer trunk and wrote up so many checks from their business that he left grandma in a very bad way financially.  He sent a letter from Canada saying that the mob was after him again and he was fleeing for his life to Australia. 

Grandma had a nervous breakdown and her family helped her out. Her brothers had a Chicago Detective searching for Mr. run and hide himself.  Tracks were found of him in Canada but the day before her brothers were to go find the results, the Detective had a heart attack and died.  They threw out his records and all was lost.

Chicago River


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