Wife No 3 was from England

While researching at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I just happened to pop in Suchanski as I did often on computers just to see if any were out there because it is not a common Polish name.  Well, one popped up at me from Calgary, Canada.  I got so excited that I wrote down the person’s address and immediately sent him a letter.

I heard all about wife no. 3 from my cousin Al. He sent me his father’s birth record from England. Al’s father was a half brother to my father.

Doris Hammill met Mr. Polygamist himself in Montreal, Canada.  They had a whirlwind romance and got married in October of 1921. 

Doris Hammill

They booked passage from New York on the SS Scythia and arrived in Liverpool, England on February 4, 1922.  Their son Chester P. Norton Suchanski, Jr. was born on September 15, 1922 in England. CP was now going by CP Norton Suchanski.  He liked adding names and telling yarns.

SS Scythia

You’ve all heard of love em and leave em – well, ole grandpap personified it. He was a as slippery as an eel in the water.

He left wife no #3 in England with son #3.


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