Fatal Car Crash from a Head On Collision


Paul C. Norton (CP’s 4th son that I know of) died from a fatal car accident on the Tofino Road. He was only 28 years old.  Paul and his wife Elspet had been shopping and the car was loaded with canned goods. When the crash occurred, the impact sent a box of canned goods into the back of her head leaving her in a comma for 10 months before she died.  Their children ages 3 and 6 years were raised by their maternal grandparents. 

Thus the end of story. But I will still keep looking for the two unanswered questions.  What happened to wife No. 2, Blanche Ratcliffe Suchanski and did she have a child? Who was Jeanette Norton and did she marry my great grandfather after the death of my great grandmother or before?

Some day I may find out!

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