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Painting has Changed

Fan that covered my half moon window

Have I told you that I am nuts about fans and owls so my solution to the half moon window was to cover it with a large gilted Japanese fan.  Onward to my journey in painting that I haven’t done for umpteen years. My old high school buddy has become the paint czar. She buys these tiny paint samples and tries the colors at home to see if she likes them and how the lighting changes the colors.

So I followed her advice and bought a $3.00 paint sample from Lowe’s. I tried it on the wall and it was darker than I expected it to be for a title called Wisteria Snow. A lovely title but it is a much darker pastel than I wanted so I went back and bought another sample at 25% less color. That was the advice from the paint czarina.

Wisteria Snow

While I was there, I talked to the paint man about whether I should do the trimmings and doors first and then paint the wall or should I do the wall first. He suggested that I do the trims first so I bought a gallon of a white paint with a hint of blue in it called “Silver Dust”.

I started the prep before painting which to me is the hardest part of painting. The paint czarina said the hardest part is getting the right color – me, I’m thinking that she is way too fussy about the color.

After removing all the nails and hardware from the doors and closets, I opened the dry wall spackling. To my utter surprise, the spackling was pink – what?  Did I have the right stuff?

I asked my neighbor if she had had her walls painted.  There’s been no painting in 16 years – I am not the only one – only I’ve painted a bathroom and an alcove about 5 years ago.

I took off the lovely trees and birds which my daughter had put on the wall (vinyl). She told me to just put it on something else and I could reapply it.

Vinyl tree

Dry Wall Spackling

After taping, spackling, sanding, cleaning the walls, I started to paint the baseboards with the Silver dust.  The more I painted, the more I liked the color of the paint. Hit me with a hammer, it was the perfect color that I wanted on the walls so I decided to paint not only the baseboards, doors but also the walls with the Silver Dust.

By the way, the spackling turns white when it dries.


Paint the bottom part of the wall first so you don’t get paint in your hair which I learned the hard way and had to wash my hair.

When you paint closet doors that fold open, let them dry with a crack open so they won’t stick. 

If you close the door with part of knobs off, you need a screw driver to get it back open again.

Who would think that you would have to use the spackling up near the ceiling?

The paint czarina said that I would have to paint the ceiling – no, it is my house and I don’t want to – so there!


5-year olds

I had forgotten how unbearably annoying five-year-olds can be.  They are loud and obnoxious and love to say words like poop and pee in front of other people so that you are embarrassed. They giggle and grin thinking that saying those words are evil and fun. My granddaughter is a sweet little girl except when she gets upset which is a daily event. My daughter calls her the drama queen. The real problem is that she has a mind of her own and wants her way or its no way at all. She and her mom butts heads constantly like two rams butting heads to win the fair lady in the corner.

Drama Queen

She loves to dress up as a princess or fairy.

You must have wings if you are a fairy.

I miss my grand children.  

Computer Acting Up

I was in the living room when all of a sudden, my computer started playing music.  That was very odd. I came into the room where my computer resides and turned itunes off.

Two days later, I was in the living room and all was quiet as a cemetery at night when suddenly, I hear this thunk thunk thunk coming from my computer.  Is my computer coming to life on its own – what the heck?

Babe my companion

I walked into the front room and what do I see but my little companion walking back and forth on my keyboard making it sound like a drum.  He loves to get my attention so his latest trick is to walk on my keyboard turning on music although I am baffled as to how that happened and making the keyboard go thunk thunk thunk – mainly because nothing was open for him to type the letters into. Perhaps, he would have written me a message if word had been open.

Is that Guilty as charged look?

Have you ever tried taking a picture of an animal or a baby – they do not hold still even for a minute.

A blurred movement photo – it took at least 10 shots to get one of him holding still.
In the mornings he will jump up on my bed and come up to my arm and give me little kisses on my hand, saying wake up – time to get up.  I usually put my hand under the cover because you know if you have ever been licked by a cat, it is like sandpaper scrubbing your skin.

If I still don’t get up, he will paw ever go gently on my shoulder – his way of getting my attention.

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am still so new to this blogging business that I haven’ t quite found my niche.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive a nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award from my favorite  blogger, Cheerful Thrifty Door. I appreciate the honor, thank you.

After accepting the Versatile Blogger Award, you must:

1.  Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post
2.  Share seven things about yourself
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Seven Things About Me

1. My grandchildren are the joy of my life.

2. I dream of a trip to Poland with my cousin to visit Sztabin in northeastern Poland and   Klobuck in southern Poland where my ancestors lived.

3. I’ve been studying Polish for a year and a half.  I know lots of words but feel that I still will not be able to understand anyone and my mind will freeze up and not let me remember what I have learned.

4. I am a devout Christian of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe in God the Eternal Father, Jesus Christ his son and in the Holy Ghost.

5. Genealogy is my forte.

6. Some of my favorite TV shows are Survivor, Dancing with the Stars,  The Amazing Race, Burn Notice, Dr. Who and Doc Martin.

7. Besides a Corvette, the Mini Cooper is a fun car to drive – I am thinking real hard about buying a Mini Cooper.

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Alpine Arts Center

This art work was beyond my expectations – all of the statues were unique and worth every dollar if you can afford them.

Ute Indians who do the hoop dance.

The Christus.

Provocative woman.

Timeless – beautiful woman.

Talent just abounds at this place.

A Wedding Reception with a Waffle Bar

As I was standing in line to buy a wedding gift which was on Jace and Sarah’s wedding register, a couple behind me at a different register had two overflowing baskets of gifts that  they were returning.  Item after item was scanned to find the ones that came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The rest were from other stores so this couple was going from place to place returning items and getting money back.

Alpine Arts Center Grounds

Local DJ playing music
Alpine Art Center

I must say that this whole new casual generation of kids are so much different from my generation.   They re-gift items, return items and the enormity of it all is beyond me. I guess that I am still old style because I wear a dress or skirt to receptions but half of the people who come just wear any old thing except shorts.  Perhaps, shorts will be next.

Back to the wedding reception. Jace was raised in Utah and his bride is from Denver so this reception held at the Alpine Arts Center was the second reception that they had had.  Their wedding was held at the Denver LDS Temple and their main reception was held in Denver.  This somehow seemed like an after thought.  The Alpine Arts Center was beautifully decorated and bronze statues were everywhere. I did visit their gallery and took many pictures of the art work which I will add to the next blog.

Wedding Cake for the Bride and Groom Only

I talked with friends who thought that the waffle bar was just so cute and original.  I, however, was disappointed.  To my amazement, the serve your self drinks were water full of slices of limes, apple juice or the top of the evening – chocolate milk.  Are these children trying to become adults?

Water with Limes

Apple Juice or the ever popular chocolate milk

Take your pick – regular waffle or chocolate waffle with chocolate chips. You could top it off with ice cream, syrups of hot fudge, carmel or a butter syrup.  Then there was fresh fruit: strawberries, blueberries, and sliced bananas.

Nutella is a chocolate nut spread – yum

All types of sugar toppings

You can probably tell from my tone that I was very disappointed – everyone was saying how clever to have a waffle bar and I am thinking – big deal.

Next time, I think that I will save myself some time and energy and just get a card, add a little cash and save the couple a trip to the store.

I created these new earrings this week:

Australian Man Lost in the High Unitas

North of Mirror Lake

My old high school pal and I drove up into the High Unitas in her new white Lexus. We stopped in Kamas at Dick’s Drivein for burgers. She had overly salted fries and I had big round deep fried onion rings (yum) with fry sauce. Had to make a pit stop before we took off on our jaunt and this is what I found:

Well, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this – it makes a lot of sense to me.
We were at about 11,000 feet and took a few roads to some other lakes close by Mirror Lake but every time the pavement ended, Arlene would stop and turn around.  She was protecting her very expensive car – no gravel off roading for her.

We left the valley with 93 degree F. weather but up in the mountains, it was much cooler and at times a bit chilly.  The sun would hide his face behind a cloud and just give us chills so some of my pictures are darker than they normally would have been.

Wild flowers

It was at our first bathroom stop that I saw the sign about this 64 year old Australian man who is missing.  He was supposed to meet his friends at Mirror Lake on August 9, 2011.  He never showed.  Robinson weighs 160 pounds and is 5’8″ tall.  According to his friend, Robinson was an experienced back country hiker and had good equipment and plenty of provisions with him. Sixteen rescue workers searched an area about 70 miles long and 10 miles wide.

Missing Man

I know for sure that I would not want to get lost in the high Rocky Mountains – through the years many have lost their lives thinking they could hike and find their way back and didn’t.

Bald Mountain

Mirror Lake
This man was fishing with those long rubber waders.  This is a high mountain lake and I bet it is ice cold – even in waders, its cold but of course, men burn hotter than women and it probably feels good to them.