Baby Shoes

My daughter brought home a pair of  size 2-3 pink crocs for the baby – yes, they are cutesy!

About the time that she is walking, they will fit her. I can see her walking down the beach in them, for in one week my family is moving to California.  It’s a long way from where I live and I hope that I can manage to keep from being down in the dumps.  

My daughter has collected a variety of shoes but as we all know, babies don’t really need shoes or hats – putting them on the baby are just extremely adorable, like seeing new born kittens or puppies.

These darling size 1 moccasins actually fit now but she spends all of her time trying to put them in her mouth and at this stage of babyhood, she can put toes in her mouth.

Searching through the baby drawer, I found two more delightful size 2 shoes:

Sandals for summer from Teeny Toes.

Every wardrobe needs a set of black dress shoes.

The sandals fit now even though they are size 2.  Go figure! Have you ever tried to take photos of a baby? It’s like trying to take pictures of animals, they won’t hold still for even one minute.

She can’t wiggle her legs as much while sitting.

If you look really close, there is actual hair growing but you almost need a magnifying glass.

These Circo size 3 shoes have little pink rhinestones glued to them – not sure that it’s a good idea for babies or toddlers. She loves to pick at things and put them in her mouth because that is what babies do – everything goes right to that tiny twee mouth.

I bronzed my kids baby shoes which saves them for at least my lifetime.

They had bits of lace.

The above honkers were my son’s baby boots.  They are not very small but he also had enormous feet. He was wearing a size 12 men’s shoe before he ever got out of High School.


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