I’ve learned some new methods using colored wires. Below are a couple of samples of the earrings.  Will move onto pendants after I master creative wire twisting.

I added one emerald green crystal to each of these earrings.

Just got back from the car shop – my car was killing on me when I was waiting at red lights or stop signs.  Because I now have a very old clunker, I was expecting a huge bill and expensive parts to fix my car.  Whew! It was just a cracked hose and a moderately simple fix and cost.  You never know with old cars that are beyond their time. I do have over 183,000 miles on this Saturn and was hoping that it would last me until 200,000 miles.  The driver’s window won’t go up or down anymore; they put new struts on the front and they clunk with every bump – I don’t think they got the right part. I keep my fingers crossed every time I drive it, hoping I won’t have to call a tow truck.

It really is time to get a newer car. I need to start looking and test driving. I’ve thought about a Mini Cooper – they are outrageously fun to drive. Then there is the new Ford which parks itself.


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