Coral Sand Dunes

Camping at the Coral Sand Dunes seemed like a fun idea.  There were tiny little foot prints crossing every which way. All kinds of critters live there. After hearing that there were scorpions and snakes, we slept in our sleeping bags in the car.

Coral Sand Dunes in Southern Utah

This sand dune is very unique because of the color of the sand.

Fascinating, hot, ever changing, and a playground for adults with their machines – all of these describe the Coral Sand Dunes. You don’t want to get stuck in this sand.

These beetles live in the Sand Dunes.

There are deer, rabbits, lizards, kit foxes, birds, and many unidentifiable insect and rodent tracks.  The dunes are an extremely lively place at night; there was an amazing collection of tracks covering every bit of the dunes so I am very glad we slept in my old Pontiac Lemans.  I don’t want any bugs crawling on me!


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