Australian Man Lost in the High Unitas

North of Mirror Lake

My old high school pal and I drove up into the High Unitas in her new white Lexus. We stopped in Kamas at Dick’s Drivein for burgers. She had overly salted fries and I had big round deep fried onion rings (yum) with fry sauce. Had to make a pit stop before we took off on our jaunt and this is what I found:

Well, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this – it makes a lot of sense to me.
We were at about 11,000 feet and took a few roads to some other lakes close by Mirror Lake but every time the pavement ended, Arlene would stop and turn around.  She was protecting her very expensive car – no gravel off roading for her.

We left the valley with 93 degree F. weather but up in the mountains, it was much cooler and at times a bit chilly.  The sun would hide his face behind a cloud and just give us chills so some of my pictures are darker than they normally would have been.

Wild flowers

It was at our first bathroom stop that I saw the sign about this 64 year old Australian man who is missing.  He was supposed to meet his friends at Mirror Lake on August 9, 2011.  He never showed.  Robinson weighs 160 pounds and is 5’8″ tall.  According to his friend, Robinson was an experienced back country hiker and had good equipment and plenty of provisions with him. Sixteen rescue workers searched an area about 70 miles long and 10 miles wide.

Missing Man

I know for sure that I would not want to get lost in the high Rocky Mountains – through the years many have lost their lives thinking they could hike and find their way back and didn’t.

Bald Mountain

Mirror Lake
This man was fishing with those long rubber waders.  This is a high mountain lake and I bet it is ice cold – even in waders, its cold but of course, men burn hotter than women and it probably feels good to them.


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