A Wedding Reception with a Waffle Bar

As I was standing in line to buy a wedding gift which was on Jace and Sarah’s wedding register, a couple behind me at a different register had two overflowing baskets of gifts that  they were returning.  Item after item was scanned to find the ones that came from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  The rest were from other stores so this couple was going from place to place returning items and getting money back.

Alpine Arts Center Grounds

Local DJ playing music
Alpine Art Center

I must say that this whole new casual generation of kids are so much different from my generation.   They re-gift items, return items and the enormity of it all is beyond me. I guess that I am still old style because I wear a dress or skirt to receptions but half of the people who come just wear any old thing except shorts.  Perhaps, shorts will be next.

Back to the wedding reception. Jace was raised in Utah and his bride is from Denver so this reception held at the Alpine Arts Center was the second reception that they had had.  Their wedding was held at the Denver LDS Temple and their main reception was held in Denver.  This somehow seemed like an after thought.  The Alpine Arts Center was beautifully decorated and bronze statues were everywhere. I did visit their gallery and took many pictures of the art work which I will add to the next blog.

Wedding Cake for the Bride and Groom Only

I talked with friends who thought that the waffle bar was just so cute and original.  I, however, was disappointed.  To my amazement, the serve your self drinks were water full of slices of limes, apple juice or the top of the evening – chocolate milk.  Are these children trying to become adults?

Water with Limes

Apple Juice or the ever popular chocolate milk

Take your pick – regular waffle or chocolate waffle with chocolate chips. You could top it off with ice cream, syrups of hot fudge, carmel or a butter syrup.  Then there was fresh fruit: strawberries, blueberries, and sliced bananas.

Nutella is a chocolate nut spread – yum

All types of sugar toppings

You can probably tell from my tone that I was very disappointed – everyone was saying how clever to have a waffle bar and I am thinking – big deal.

Next time, I think that I will save myself some time and energy and just get a card, add a little cash and save the couple a trip to the store.

I created these new earrings this week:


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