Computer Acting Up

I was in the living room when all of a sudden, my computer started playing music.  That was very odd. I came into the room where my computer resides and turned itunes off.

Two days later, I was in the living room and all was quiet as a cemetery at night when suddenly, I hear this thunk thunk thunk coming from my computer.  Is my computer coming to life on its own – what the heck?

Babe my companion

I walked into the front room and what do I see but my little companion walking back and forth on my keyboard making it sound like a drum.  He loves to get my attention so his latest trick is to walk on my keyboard turning on music although I am baffled as to how that happened and making the keyboard go thunk thunk thunk – mainly because nothing was open for him to type the letters into. Perhaps, he would have written me a message if word had been open.

Is that Guilty as charged look?

Have you ever tried taking a picture of an animal or a baby – they do not hold still even for a minute.

A blurred movement photo – it took at least 10 shots to get one of him holding still.
In the mornings he will jump up on my bed and come up to my arm and give me little kisses on my hand, saying wake up – time to get up.  I usually put my hand under the cover because you know if you have ever been licked by a cat, it is like sandpaper scrubbing your skin.

If I still don’t get up, he will paw ever go gently on my shoulder – his way of getting my attention.


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