Painting has Changed

Fan that covered my half moon window

Have I told you that I am nuts about fans and owls so my solution to the half moon window was to cover it with a large gilted Japanese fan.  Onward to my journey in painting that I haven’t done for umpteen years. My old high school buddy has become the paint czar. She buys these tiny paint samples and tries the colors at home to see if she likes them and how the lighting changes the colors.

So I followed her advice and bought a $3.00 paint sample from Lowe’s. I tried it on the wall and it was darker than I expected it to be for a title called Wisteria Snow. A lovely title but it is a much darker pastel than I wanted so I went back and bought another sample at 25% less color. That was the advice from the paint czarina.

Wisteria Snow

While I was there, I talked to the paint man about whether I should do the trimmings and doors first and then paint the wall or should I do the wall first. He suggested that I do the trims first so I bought a gallon of a white paint with a hint of blue in it called “Silver Dust”.

I started the prep before painting which to me is the hardest part of painting. The paint czarina said the hardest part is getting the right color – me, I’m thinking that she is way too fussy about the color.

After removing all the nails and hardware from the doors and closets, I opened the dry wall spackling. To my utter surprise, the spackling was pink – what?  Did I have the right stuff?

I asked my neighbor if she had had her walls painted.  There’s been no painting in 16 years – I am not the only one – only I’ve painted a bathroom and an alcove about 5 years ago.

I took off the lovely trees and birds which my daughter had put on the wall (vinyl). She told me to just put it on something else and I could reapply it.

Vinyl tree

Dry Wall Spackling

After taping, spackling, sanding, cleaning the walls, I started to paint the baseboards with the Silver dust.  The more I painted, the more I liked the color of the paint. Hit me with a hammer, it was the perfect color that I wanted on the walls so I decided to paint not only the baseboards, doors but also the walls with the Silver Dust.

By the way, the spackling turns white when it dries.


Paint the bottom part of the wall first so you don’t get paint in your hair which I learned the hard way and had to wash my hair.

When you paint closet doors that fold open, let them dry with a crack open so they won’t stick. 

If you close the door with part of knobs off, you need a screw driver to get it back open again.

Who would think that you would have to use the spackling up near the ceiling?

The paint czarina said that I would have to paint the ceiling – no, it is my house and I don’t want to – so there!


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