International Dolls

Why would an adult collect dolls? Sometimes I ask myself this very question.  They make great souvenirs; some of my Polish dolls were given to me because my friends know that I am very interested in my Polish roots. 

Well used nested dolls – my children played with them so even though they have lost way too much of their paint, I still keep them. These are the only two left that were not lost. Should I try to repaint them?
From Krakow, Poland
I am enamored with the folk costume that these dolls wear. I used to be an International folk dancer.  I started dancing in the college days and keep dancing with a group at the University of Utah, in Anchorage and even in Boise.  I even know several dances from Poland.

These two have weathered the years; one lost her bandana and the other one has a trouble keeping her head on especially if you pick her up. If I knew how to fix the head, I would.

I have two granddaughters and am thinking that when they get older that I may give them the dolls that are for gazing and decoration – not playing with and taking clothes off. Why is it that they like to remove clothes but never put them back on again?

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