Lotus from Hong Kong

My step daughter Tivvy gave me this Chinese doll. Lotus is a collectible porcelain doll in traditional Chinese dress. I think that every area of China is similar to Poland in that the clothes designate which province they represent.

Notice the dual braided buns on each side of her head – Hong Kong Style. She has very fine eyelashes and bovine brown eyes.

The cathedral style front of her top also designates the Hong Kong area and the fact that she is not in a dress but in what looks like pajama pants with matching slippers. Notice also the individual fingers and she has a triangle shaped purse hanging from her wrist.

Her head, hands and arms to the elbows and legs above the knees and feet are all porcelain. 

My thoughts about China have become somewhat similar to how we all felt about Japan ions ago – they send us a lot of junk! There are some quality items but now all of our goods are made in china which is really annoying.  When I shop, I avoid buying goods from China.  I will buy American made or from any other country in the world but them. You might say that I am boycotting China. 

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