Sarah Ann Eames Became a Polygamist

Cabin in Eden, Utah where Sarah Ann lived after she married John Carver. John Carver’s first wife was Mary Ann Eames (Sarah’s Aunt). Mary Ann died before Sarah married her husband but John Carver also married a third wife. Sarah used to kid her brothers in letters saying that she could see herself having more than one husband. They, of course, were very upset about who she married and that she kept the Mormon faith when they did not.

Letters were kept by Sarah Ann Eames Carver as keepsakes from her three brothers – two of whom she never saw again.
A letter written from Henry Eames to his sister Sarah Eames who was living in Plain City, Utah:

November 1868
Dear Sister,
I take the opportunity of writing a few lines to you in hopes of finding you well as it leaves me at present.  You complain of not getting any letters but you have no reason if the letters don’t come to you. We cannot help it, we have sent the 6th letter to you and that is more than you have sent to us. You say your Brothers do not write to you.  It is a sad mistake of yours.  I write to you as often as my Sister writes to me and it is but seldom that I send half a sheet half written.  I care for and feel for my Sister today as fresh as ever. Although if you had come with us, we would have done as well as possible for you, who would or could have done anymore.  Let me know when, I shall be glad to flee to those mountains in their virtue in them. You sent to know who was the sick son. Well the sick Son was he that was so ill before he left England. Ill all the way to New York and has been ill a good part of the time since.  It was that Grandfather was down upon every day when I scare knew which way I turned my head and for why, because I would not believe in such falsehood. For why should I be run down because of that; I stood as much as I could bear if he had kept on a little longer, the grave would have been my doing.  Dear Sister, I am glad to hear that you are so well and happy without. George, he is pining himself away very fast so I have heard. Dear Sister, let us have another letter as soon as possible. I have more to write but I cannot send it in this letter so no more from your affectionate Brother.
Henry Eames

I wish you a merry Christmas when it comes.

John and Hannah Eames family who came from England all at one go.  Back row: Edwin S. Eames, Henry Eames (grandfather Samuel Eames) James Eames (who went back to England) Jessie Davis, Sarah Ann Eames and Mary Eames.
Front: George Eames, John Eames holding William and John Eames, Hannah Jenkins Eames holding baby Eli and Elizabeth Eames


3 thoughts on “Sarah Ann Eames Became a Polygamist

  1. Jodi

    Wow, Dian this was so interesting to me. I am a descendant of John Carver and Mary Ann through their son Hyrum. Are you also related? Do have anymore interesting information about them?

    1. diankelly65 Post author

      I wrote a book about my pioneers called “Eames and Edwards Lineage” and there is a huge section about the Carvers because John Carver married two women from the Eames family. We are indeed cousins.


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