Mid September

 Waist floater for aerobic class.

Hats off to the ladies in my deep water aerobics class.  We all cinch up a blue rubber float device around our middles so that we can jog, bicycle, go cross country and do other exercises in deep water. 

With one exception, a lady named Adele uses no device at all and swims around in the deep water with us.  

Janalee has the most pleasing personality – she literally glows and last week I found out that she is pregnant.  So pregnant in fact that she is due in one week. We were all doing that pretend hackie sack game using the inside of our feet to kick one up to each hand – I asked her if she could actually do that one being one week away from delivery and she said it was a bit difficult.  How about impossible! 

I did a little swimming when I was pregnant with my daughter but it was in Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.

Some of my new fun earrings for the upcoming holidays are glitter poms:

Have a look at Dians Earrings

or at Dians Jewelry.


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