Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars is my second all time favorite show, that is until this season.  Not only did they cut off the voting before 9 PM in my area and that was before the last dancers got their score, the whole show has become a sham. This is supposed to be a show where we as watchers can vote for the best dancers.  Those who vote for people just to keep them on the show because they have a famous mother are beyond ridiculous.  After last night’s voting where Mark Ballas and partner were voted off, just goes to show that the whole show is a sham and about to lose many really ticked off viewers.

Mark is a very unique dancer from Britain – his style is absolutely fascinating.

Mark Ballas

Last week Makism was jumping up and down like a pogo stick – I’ve never seen him so excited. He is one of the upcoming personalities.


Tony was always a favorite of mine but I must admit that Derek and Mark can out dance any of the guys.  They have that wonderful enthusiasm of youth and the young bodies.


Derek is in a class of his own – he studied in London and is pals with Mark Ballas and yet, they both have their own styles.  He’s that clean cut kid from Utah.

Derek Huff

Now after spouting off about a sham of a show, I would really like to send the scathing email to ABC but I probably won’t.


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