Monkey Puzzle Tree

While visiting the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Ireland, my daughter pointed to a very unusual tree which in Ireland they just called “the Monkey Tree”.  Now just how did such a tree that comes from South America get to Ireland. It is not grown in the United States or at least in areas of the states that I have been to. If you are ever in Belfast, the Ulster Museum is a must see. 

Some Brit back in the 1850s found this tree in South America and brought back a specimen so now there are Monkey Puzzle Trees in many parts of the world.

I did not touch it so I have no idea if it has sharp prickly points or if it is like a rubber tree that is thick and silky when you rub it.  Do monkeys climb in it? Not in Britain or Ireland. 

I heard that they are in Canada and Australia.  Well, we know how they got there – from the United Kingdom.


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