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I’ve started making Earring and Bracelet sets .  Here are a few that I’ve created:

I call these earrings, my lanterns.

Shells from the ocean and amethyst.

Totally crafted by hand.

Red and white for Christmas.

Find them at DiansEarrings on Etsy. I seem to be drawn to shells from the ocean. They have their own unique colors and designs.


Horse Back Riding

Oka in Elba

If you have a hankering to go riding, first you need to dress up in the latest style of riding gear.  A hat to keep the sun out of your face, a snazzy silk western shirt, riding pants that have balloon thighs and boots that come up to the knees. Notice that her pants were tucked inside of the boots.

Actually, this is a picture of my mom before I was born.  She was very stylish and always had a gorgeous smile.

Dick and Oka

I am not sure how my dad felt astride that horse – he was a city slicker from Chicago. Driving on the dirt roads in Idaho especially over a mountain nearly scared him spitless. All that western gear and life was high adventure to a youngster from Illinois.

Before I was Born

Violet Bennett, circa 1909

Violet Bennett – my great Aunt’s daughter.  She was a pretty little girl with golden ringlets hanging close to her face. Don’t you just love her winter coat with a muff, leggings and a horn of plenty hat!

She married and had one son and two daughters but she was taken home to her Heavenly Father in the prime of her life at age 40. It makes me wonder why some people are taken early in this life and whiles others defy all logic and live beyond the age of man.

I love baby photos. They are a delight in any generation. Back in the early 1900s, boy babies wore dresses just like the girls did.

Thus, we see Henry T. Eames in 1917 hanging onto his baby buggy. Too bad, he closed his eyes.  He lived to a ripe old age of 86.

Frankly, for myself, I don’t want to live that long but I do have longevity in my family lines and it would be just my luck to live past 80.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. I am blessed to have memorabilia from my grandparents and great aunt including these wonderful black and white photos – some are a real hoot.  The tall guy on the left is one of the Jones boys – not sure which one and the fellow on the right is my great Uncle, Joe Edwards – both home grown boys from Almo.

Joe and two of his sisters were out in the hills east of Almo rounding up stray cattle when a storm came up. It had been a beautiful sunny day for a ride on our horses but when the sky clouded up, you could see a storm moving in from the west.  Joe said we had better head home and leave the cattle.  It began to rain before we got home and by the time we made it, we were drenched.  Lightening and thunder were all around and they could hear the telephone wires singing as the crackling of electricity in the air. They had just hung on and let the horses find their way home.

The next day the men folk went to bring the stray cattle in and when they got there, five of the cattle were found dead along side the road. They had been killed by lightening. Clarissa said, “we thanked our lucky stars for getting home alive that day.”

Phone Call Mystery

My phone rang and I saw it was my daughter so I said hello but no answer. I could hear people talking in the back ground so I said hello again. Nothing.  Then I thought maybe it was my 5-year-old granddaughter who called me once accidentally so I said Rachael? Nothing.  Then I heard a joyous noise from my 11-month-old granddaughter and I knew I had another accidental call but then my daughter heard my voice after the baby pushed speaker and realized that yes, the baby unlocked the phone, pushed a number and rang me and then pushed speaker phone. So when my daughter picked up the phone I was saying hi to granddaughter two.

She was very upset when mom took the phone away.  After all, grandma was speaking to her.

My daughter found a boat last week that had her name on it – not just her first name but both her first and middle name – what are the odds?