Phone Call Mystery

My phone rang and I saw it was my daughter so I said hello but no answer. I could hear people talking in the back ground so I said hello again. Nothing.  Then I thought maybe it was my 5-year-old granddaughter who called me once accidentally so I said Rachael? Nothing.  Then I heard a joyous noise from my 11-month-old granddaughter and I knew I had another accidental call but then my daughter heard my voice after the baby pushed speaker and realized that yes, the baby unlocked the phone, pushed a number and rang me and then pushed speaker phone. So when my daughter picked up the phone I was saying hi to granddaughter two.

She was very upset when mom took the phone away.  After all, grandma was speaking to her.

My daughter found a boat last week that had her name on it – not just her first name but both her first and middle name – what are the odds?


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