Horse Back Riding

Oka in Elba

If you have a hankering to go riding, first you need to dress up in the latest style of riding gear.  A hat to keep the sun out of your face, a snazzy silk western shirt, riding pants that have balloon thighs and boots that come up to the knees. Notice that her pants were tucked inside of the boots.

Actually, this is a picture of my mom before I was born.  She was very stylish and always had a gorgeous smile.

Dick and Oka

I am not sure how my dad felt astride that horse – he was a city slicker from Chicago. Driving on the dirt roads in Idaho especially over a mountain nearly scared him spitless. All that western gear and life was high adventure to a youngster from Illinois.


5 thoughts on “Horse Back Riding

  1. Cranberry Morning

    What a fun post! Aren't you thrilled that you have those photos. We just got home from Texas, but I wanted to thank you for the comments you left on my blog while I was gone. Hopefully this week I can get back into the swing of things. So nice to see your blog post up and waiting. 🙂

  2. Mimi and Tilly

    These photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing them. Your parents look very stylish in their riding clothes. Thank you for your kind words on my blog last week when I wasn't feeling well, Ruth. They meant a lot. x


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