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Samuel Eames From Bristol, England

He was my 3g grandfather. One cousin said he looked a bit like Uncle Remus – an American character from the south but actually, he was very tanned from working outside all his life as a stone mason. He was born in Bristol, England in 1790 to William and Mary Eames.  When he was 3 years old the mystery begins.  He was shipped off to live with his Uncle Samuel Watkins, who lived at Orcop, Hereford, England and there he was raised – never to see his parents again as far as we have been able to find out. He had a sister Eliza and a brother Alexander both of whom seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.  
There always seems to be a dead end line that continues to be a mystery.  I was amazed that I could find his photo on the web because I am still in California and not on my computer with all my wonderful black and white photos that were passed on to me. He had five children and all of them came to America so that now there are thousands of descendants who live here and one branch still in England from a grandson who returned to England and stayed there. There is of course a chance that his sister and brother lived and they have descendants near Bristol.

Carmel By the Sea

Last night we drove to Carmel to look at Christmas lights before everyone takes them down but to our surprise, there were not a lot of lights just spotted sections with a few lights here and there. Even in the dark the tiny little streets reminded me of Ireland and the narrow lanes. Many streets were tunneled by trees overhanging these bitty lanes which turned every which way because of the hills that they were built on.

The shopping area in Carmel calls to me even though the small shops will probably be extremely overpriced.  We gotta go back, I am dreaming of a walk through, window shopping just to take a peek.  Maybe, if I get lucky, something will be on sale.

How I love to watch the ocean breaking into the shore! Since I’ve always lived inland, it never ceases to grab my attention.

Who would think to make a fence out of different sized pieces of weathered wood without putting cross pieces with it?

It’s not that these houses are the most expensive – most are small garden type but they are on a piece of land that has become out priced and stayed that way.  After all, how many can say they have movie stars for neighbors.

Lovers Point

Remember that movie with Doris Day about a glass bottom boat. Well, apparently, there was a family who for over 40 years ran a glass bottom boat business in Monterey but as many things do, they run their course and disappear leaving only warm fuzzy memories.

Anyone for surfing – in a wet suit? My teeth just chatter thinking of going into that freezing cold water.

Only four surfers were brave enough today but after all, they had to dodge rocks and turn at just the right moment before crashing into the rocks.  Definitely not beginner surfing!

 Strange looking trees – they seem to grow everywhere here.

Still trying to figure out what to wear – too warm for my winter coat but just a bit chilly for just a jacket.  Perhaps, I need a scarf wrapped around my neck to keep me warm.

Monterey Aquarium

I packed very light – after all that is what all the travel shows recommend. The only problem was that I grabbed my pencil thin navy blue skirt and not my pencil thin black skirt so I really had no top to go with my skirt for church on Christmas.  Ugh!  So off to the stores shopping and one last item on Christmas Eve where parking lots were filled to the brim!

It took an entire day to see the Monterey Aquarium.  What a sight!

The aquarium was built around part of the old cannery which was famous for sardines until they were all fished out.  So now the whole Monterey bay area is a sanctuary for fish and birds – man trying to makeup for mistakes.

They rescue birds and give them a home until they are mended or given a permanent home in some cases.

The aquarium is so big that we had to take a lunch break. Down cannery row we trod to Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant. Food was okay but a bit pricey. They served french fries and a cup a jello in a stiff paper tug boat for each kid with their kids meal.  The kids were ecstatic and it kept them busy until we finished our meals. Of coarse my granddaughter had mac and cheese and my grandson had pizza.

We were right on the bay overlooking the ocean – fantastic view to go with out lunch. Our waiter came round and asked Forest Gump questions – ugh ugh ugh – I hated that movie.  It was the only Tom Hanks movie that I didn’t like.

Back to the aquarium for the best view in the entire building – a giant open ocean view that was 50 feet high and 200 feet long with 300 pound turtles swimming with 100 pound tuna, which have an odd looking mouth – almost pug nosed.

 Sea lions basking in the sun.

Flowers Grow Here Year Round

No snow here.  Yesterday was marvelous.  Not even jacket weather.  The sky was blue and cloudless and we went to the beach.  Giant waves were breaking off the coast. It will be an unusual Christmas for me but one that I will cherish.

Outdoor mall with a fountain.

 Strange growth that is now taking over the dunes – a plant from iceland.

The gorgeous Pacific Ocean. We didn’t go down to this part of the beach because of the high risk of rip tides in this area.

Off to California

I probably will not blog much for a few weeks – spending Christmas with my family in Monterey.

I must say that I have not flown in such small planes since I was a youngster.  The one is San Francisco was small enough but let me tell you that the flight from San Francisco to Monterey was in a tiny two propeller plane that held less than 15 people.  I thought I was in a vibrator chair.  It tickled my butt, then my back and my toes and talk about noisy – I almost put in ear plugs to drown out the noise.  I was greatly surprised when I noticed that we flew over the Pacific Ocean all the way to Monterey.  The plane vibrated so much that the shutters on the windows would not stay open.

I did make it to Monterey without any bumps or bruises.  It is warmer here than in San Francisco and a whole lot warmer than when I left Utah.  It was below freezing there.

Fogged In

Normally, we don’t get much fog but here it is. The grass and trees all turn crystal white and glisten. I don’t mind it as long as I don’t have to drive in it.

Regardless of the fog, we had a wonderful Christmas program in church today with the choir singing Christmas songs, a solo piano of Oh Little Town of Bethlehem; a violin solo of “Gesu Bambino” with a piano accompaniment.  I had to look that last one up, never heard it before.  It is an Italian Christmas song.