DUP Company Christmas

I was late – I had trouble finding the North Hampton House which is an old church that was built in 1900. They converted this old brick church house into a reception center for weddings and parties.

Our camp is called Dry Creek; we are one of the 8 camps that belong to the Utah Lehi Company. Most of the camps were in attendance because they usually have a very scrumptious lunch and this year the Lehi High School Choral group sang Christmas songs for us.

A beautiful fireplace greeted us as we entered the building.

Beautifully decorated, there were several staircases with this beautiful reddish wood (I don’t think it is mahogany but it might be cherry wood.

I snuck a peek in what would have been the old chapel with three windows like this one.

Isn’t he just adorable – our camp won the door prize full of goodies including a Pioneer Coloring Book. We will have fun at our DUP Camp Christmas party next week.

Apparently, these coloring books can be purchased at the DUP Museum in Salt Lake City. I’ll have to check it out.

There were numerous other prizes won but alas, none for me.  I very seldom win anything such is my fate.


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