Off to California

I probably will not blog much for a few weeks – spending Christmas with my family in Monterey.

I must say that I have not flown in such small planes since I was a youngster.  The one is San Francisco was small enough but let me tell you that the flight from San Francisco to Monterey was in a tiny two propeller plane that held less than 15 people.  I thought I was in a vibrator chair.  It tickled my butt, then my back and my toes and talk about noisy – I almost put in ear plugs to drown out the noise.  I was greatly surprised when I noticed that we flew over the Pacific Ocean all the way to Monterey.  The plane vibrated so much that the shutters on the windows would not stay open.

I did make it to Monterey without any bumps or bruises.  It is warmer here than in San Francisco and a whole lot warmer than when I left Utah.  It was below freezing there.


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