Flowers Grow Here Year Round

No snow here.  Yesterday was marvelous.  Not even jacket weather.  The sky was blue and cloudless and we went to the beach.  Giant waves were breaking off the coast. It will be an unusual Christmas for me but one that I will cherish.

Outdoor mall with a fountain.

 Strange growth that is now taking over the dunes – a plant from iceland.

The gorgeous Pacific Ocean. We didn’t go down to this part of the beach because of the high risk of rip tides in this area.


4 thoughts on “Flowers Grow Here Year Round

  1. Paulette

    No jacket, blue sky, flowers blooming, and a visit to the ocean – sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Merry Christmas to you and Darla's family. Enjoy yourself and make beautiful memories.♥

  2. Cranberry Morning

    How beautiful! Our son was at DLI in Monterrey. They LOVED it there. Our daughter who is in Texas now has Monterrey in her sites. Sounds like the weather is just about perfect there. And even if I couldn't wade in that water I could sure enjoy looking at it!Have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for taking the time to stop in at Cranberry Morning!♥♥


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