Carmel By the Sea

Last night we drove to Carmel to look at Christmas lights before everyone takes them down but to our surprise, there were not a lot of lights just spotted sections with a few lights here and there. Even in the dark the tiny little streets reminded me of Ireland and the narrow lanes. Many streets were tunneled by trees overhanging these bitty lanes which turned every which way because of the hills that they were built on.

The shopping area in Carmel calls to me even though the small shops will probably be extremely overpriced.  We gotta go back, I am dreaming of a walk through, window shopping just to take a peek.  Maybe, if I get lucky, something will be on sale.

How I love to watch the ocean breaking into the shore! Since I’ve always lived inland, it never ceases to grab my attention.

Who would think to make a fence out of different sized pieces of weathered wood without putting cross pieces with it?

It’s not that these houses are the most expensive – most are small garden type but they are on a piece of land that has become out priced and stayed that way.  After all, how many can say they have movie stars for neighbors.


6 thoughts on “Carmel By the Sea

  1. Anne

    Carmel looks really beautiful. My ex boss went on holiday to the west coast of US and spent some time in Carmel and Monteray and loved it. Tony and I would love to see it for ourselves sometime but tie it in with LA as well,(the last place that Tony would like to see to do with frank sinatra!). When you get back if you email me the address listed for your relatives in Lofthouse, I will see if the adresses still exist and take some photos for you.

  2. Rosie

    Hi there, thanks for visting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your photos of Carmel – the sea looks wonderful and the house with the garden in the last photos is so attractive:)

  3. Cranberry Morning

    What beautiful photos! How I'd love to take that drive today! May you have a wonderful 2012, Ruth. I've enjoyed getting to know you in 2011. Thanks for being a faithful reader and commenter on Cranberry Morning. 🙂


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