Samuel Eames From Bristol, England

He was my 3g grandfather. One cousin said he looked a bit like Uncle Remus – an American character from the south but actually, he was very tanned from working outside all his life as a stone mason. He was born in Bristol, England in 1790 to William and Mary Eames.  When he was 3 years old the mystery begins.  He was shipped off to live with his Uncle Samuel Watkins, who lived at Orcop, Hereford, England and there he was raised – never to see his parents again as far as we have been able to find out. He had a sister Eliza and a brother Alexander both of whom seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth.  
There always seems to be a dead end line that continues to be a mystery.  I was amazed that I could find his photo on the web because I am still in California and not on my computer with all my wonderful black and white photos that were passed on to me. He had five children and all of them came to America so that now there are thousands of descendants who live here and one branch still in England from a grandson who returned to England and stayed there. There is of course a chance that his sister and brother lived and they have descendants near Bristol.

4 thoughts on “Samuel Eames From Bristol, England

  1. Anne

    Fascinating stuff Ruth. I did a search on ancestry and found a whole story about him and his family and descendants. The story was from Conquerors of the west,Stalwart Mormon Pioneers volume ! I found it fascinating.Wish you could find the siblings though.

  2. Anne

    Hi Ruth, thank you for your comment about migraines. I have noticed that stress can bring them on but how do you stop the stress? I hope they will be able to alter my medication. Hope you are having a great holiday, Anne X


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