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10th Great Grandma

After doing a little internet surfing Saturday evening – bored with TV – I decided to check out my Philadelphia lines. After finding numerous cousins whom I’ve never met who have put family tree information on line, I found something new that made me almost fall off my chair. That’s when that song just running through my head.

Not only was there a photo of my 10th great grandmother but also a history that took my breath away.  After two days of proofing to make sure that she was indeed my 10th great grandma, I began to read the history. 

Lady Alicia Beconsawe Lisle

No one in my family tree was famous or in office or of worthy note.  Most were farmers, a few Quakers, some in Yorkshire were basket makers so I figure that is why I am good with my hands.

I was shocked to find that Lord Robert Lisle (her husband) was assassinated in Switzerland during 1664. 

When she was in her 70’s, she was tried in court for treason against the king by harboring his enemies. Judge Jefferies coerced the jury into finding her guilty and she was sentenced to be burned at the stake. After intercession of the Clergy of Winchester, James II commuted the sentence to beheading at Ringwood Market Square.  She was beheaded in 1685.

Moyles Court family Home near Ringwood – now a school.

Infamous relatives I have, but now it is said that Lady Alicia haunts Moyles Court and at other times the Eclipse Inn where she spent her last few days life.  

What does this mean? If he was a Lord and she a Lady, are they attached to royal lines? I haven’t a clue.

Fell off My Chair

Yesterday, I nearly fell off my chair because of what I found. I plan to blog about it tomorrow. The song kept playing through my mind over and over and over…… Do you think I could remember all the lyrics – no! Nor could I remember who sang it. Who sung it back in the 70’s?

I’m so scared in case I fall off my chair,
and I’m wondering how I’ll get down the stairs.
Clowns to the left of me! Jokers to the right! 

Here I am stuck in the middle with you.

Awesome picture.

Water Zumba

Look out ladies, the
latest craze is hitting
America big time.
Zumba has been the
rage for several years
and now
drum roll please – 
water zumba.
Katy is one of our new teachers
and she is now certified in water
zumba as well as land

She also teaches our water
aerobics class.
With a special invitation, I
joined the throng of young
people and shook my booty
in the water of course.

I was feeling really sexy
today because I wore my
new swimsuit that I bought
last season on sale.
 It’s been in my closet
for almost a year.
This black suit has 
 micro mesh netting
which shows a little
cleavage.  I never
never on this great
earth show cleavage!

Anyway, it was daring
for me until I looked
at the young woman
next to me who had 
on a scorching red hot 
two piece swim
suit and her cleavage
was so abundant that
I felt prudish.

Krasnybor, Poland

This church is where
 Grandpa and Grandma Zdanowicz
 were married in 1891.  

Chandeliers made of antlers
 with modern lights added.   

Typical of the area
with all kinds of wild life, 
I love how they kept the

After their wedding celebration,
 they snuck out of Poland,
bribed a German guard
 and left Europe on one 
of those cattle boats
 heading for America but
at least it was a steamship.

Library of Polish

I yearn for and am truly hungry for my trip to Poland. My true hearts desire is to go to Poland with my cousin in 2012.  I have dreamt about going to Poland throughout my entire life.  I can see myself going to Klobuck (southern Poland) and to Sztabin (northeastern Poland not far from Lithuania) where my ancestors lived. I see myself in Krakow trying to verbalize sentences from words I’ve learned and being totally tongue tied.
Bought for $3.95 in 1964; First print in 1948 by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd, Great Britain

Through the years I’ve acquired a Polish dictionary, Learn to Speak Polish books, Speaking Polish tapes and my last addition was Rosetta Stone Polish.

Original print in Poland, 1967; this addition printed in Warsaw, 1978

 Inside, cartoonish characters showing examples.

 Original print in 1966; this print Warsaw 1979.

 Inside, again with the little characters and one I even colored while try memorize text.

Educational Services Corp, Washington DC, 1992

As a youngster, I had no resources. While raising my children, I had barely enough to get by. Now all alone and retired, I have a no-touch savings account from which I spent years putting away my few extra pennies and dollars. So there it sits earning about a dollar a year in interest.

A very clever chair found on Pininterest.  
However, I do not think that an old
suitcase would holdup if you sat
in it and leaned back unless
the person who built it put in 
extra back supports.

What do you think?

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Happy Chinese New Year 2012

To celebrate the new year, 
Chinese food sounds delicious. 
We won’t see dragons
where I live but the food
is always good.
Borrowed from Keri Bevan on Etsy

The New Year is celebrated
from January 23 through
February 6 (Lantern Festival).

Sending a shout out and good wishes
to another blogger who is
under the weather and
expecting surgery tomorrow.
I will be praying for you Donna at

Scatter scatter, I am all
over the place today.
I love the idea that all
the small towns in Poland
have their own banners.
Sztabin is a small town in northeast 
Poland close to the the border of Byelorussia
 (white Russia). To the northeast lies
 Lithuania. The Biebrza River,
 known as “Bobra” is one of the most beautiful lowland rivers in Europe.