Homes with a Carmel Bay View

 I am mystified by the way the roof is finished – very classy. Does anyone know what this type of roof it is called?

More homes with a view of the ocean and because this one is across from the beach, security measures to keep vicious strangers out.

Yesterday was only 64 degrees F but it was deliciously warm and we didn’t even need a jacket.  I wore a short sleeved purple and lavender print top for the first time since I’ve been here but I did have a sweater ready to put on but I didn’t need it. The sun was luxuriously warm and wonderful.

My five year old granddaughter’s friend from across the street came over and ran into the living room, took one look at me and said, “are you the granny’?  I politely answered yes and she ran out. I was so totally taken aback – I am proud to be a grandma or grandmother but granny.  To me a granny is 80ish and toddles along as slow as a turtle.

It makes me think of that old Beach Boy’s song “The little old lady from Pasadena” which had a phrase go granny, go granny, go granny, go.  Is my memory faulty? I may have the title wrong.

I just don’t picture myself as a granny! I am too young to be a granny and certainly don’t toddle along.  I may not walk fast but I have never walked fast.  The only time I moved fast is when I had my dancing toes on.


4 thoughts on “Homes with a Carmel Bay View

  1. Marilyn

    Such beautiful homes!! The first one looks like some type of shake shingle. If they are soaked they can be bent…. Of course the second one is terra cotta.Beautiful!!Have a Great Day!!Marilyn


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