Wall Quilted Hangings

Made a visit to the pediatrician in Salinas.  Wall hangings were everywhere and each room was decorated in a entirely different theme.

Quilted wall hanging of owls – how cute is that!

Naomi had the African room with masks and more quilted wall hangings.

But of course, I had to see a physician while I was there. First we visited “Doctors on Duty”. In Utah we call it Urgent Care. The physician said that I was legally blind without my glasses.  Dahhhh, that is why I wear glasses. He sent me to a specialist.

This is one of three buildings up on a hill filled with very costly physicians. They were fancy schmancy places that have not been there for long. I saw the eye doctor in one of them – just happened to get an eye infection while visiting California.

I flew home on Tuesday and once again into the puddle jumper two propeller airplane from Monterey to San Francisco.

I was scheduled on another plane leaving San Francisco but when they spit out my tickets, they put me on a later flight which would have made me wait in the SF Airport for four hours.  After it dawned on me and I saw that the flight I was supposed to be on was loading, I scurried taking the roller sidewalk to get to the other end of the airport and bless my soul, I just made it. The guy reissued me a ticket and I was the very last person to board the plane which by the way, was not at all full. You gotta watch those airlines.


5 thoughts on “Wall Quilted Hangings

  1. Anne

    The wall hanging quilts are beautiful. Glad you got home ok and that you had a wonderful holiday.Love, Anne.P.S. if you can let me know any addresses for your lofthouse relatives I will have a look to see if they still exist and take some photographs.

  2. lvroftiques

    Hmmm I wonder why they changed your flight like that? Good thing you were on the ball and made it in the nick of time! Glad you made it home safe and sound….. Oh and between you and me….I like the black shade better too *winks* Vanna


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