Aunt Helen

Aunt Helen was holding real tight to Whizzer for the photo.  Whizzer was the family dog.  He had a mind of his own that dog did and you didn’t want to make him mad. This was my grandparent’s place in Elba, Idaho – my grandfather owned the only store in town.  It was the brick building in the background with the ancient gas pump in front.

One summer my cousin Julia and I were staying with our grandparents and they decided that we ought to paint the white picket fence which replaced the older fence in this photo. We started out sitting by one another painting away but soon we were in a heated discussion with our voices rising by the minute.  We fought so much at first that they finally separated us and made us paint from the farthest sections of each end of the fence so that eventually we worked toward the middle.

My mom and Aunt Helen – not sure where this was taken but do you remember riding boards on cars?


5 thoughts on “Aunt Helen

  1. Jo

    Old photos are great for stirring memories. My mum and dad have a box full of photos, I really must get round to sorting them all out.


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