Oscar was a Twin

Uncle Oscar was born a twin.
 It is so sad that in so many cases,
 only one twin survives.  
Orvil died at 3 months.

Oscar and Orvil Jones

There were already nine children 
born to William and Maryann Jones
 but only seven living. After one of
their twins died, they adopted
Cora Jones, their last child.
Twins born in Almo were given
the following names:

Oscar and Orvil
John and Judy
Darla and Karla
Eileen and Ernest
Larry Gene and William Dean
Charlene and Clint
Lisa and Risa
Christopher and Cheri
Glen and Guy

Cora Jones

Oscar Jones Duded Up
 I don’t think that mom 
wanted to cut his hair (circa 1906).
His dad was a rancher 
so this was his first whip.

When Oscar married Leona, they
became double relatives to me, since I was
related to both of them. 
Oscar lived to age 89 and left
Leona a widow for 19 years.
She died at age 104.

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