Happy Chinese New Year 2012

To celebrate the new year, 
Chinese food sounds delicious. 
We won’t see dragons
where I live but the food
is always good.
Borrowed from Keri Bevan on Etsy

The New Year is celebrated
from January 23 through
February 6 (Lantern Festival).

Sending a shout out and good wishes
to another blogger who is
under the weather and
expecting surgery tomorrow.
I will be praying for you Donna at

Scatter scatter, I am all
over the place today.
I love the idea that all
the small towns in Poland
have their own banners.
Sztabin is a small town in northeast 
Poland close to the the border of Byelorussia
 (white Russia). To the northeast lies
 Lithuania. The Biebrza River,
 known as “Bobra” is one of the most beautiful lowland rivers in Europe.



3 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year 2012

  1. Paula

    Hi Ruth! Thanks for commenting on my blog! To answer your question, Douglas is just across the Gastineau Channel from Juneau, the capital of Alaska!


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