Library of Polish

I yearn for and am truly hungry for my trip to Poland. My true hearts desire is to go to Poland with my cousin in 2012.  I have dreamt about going to Poland throughout my entire life.  I can see myself going to Klobuck (southern Poland) and to Sztabin (northeastern Poland not far from Lithuania) where my ancestors lived. I see myself in Krakow trying to verbalize sentences from words I’ve learned and being totally tongue tied.
Bought for $3.95 in 1964; First print in 1948 by Hodder and Stoughton Ltd, Great Britain

Through the years I’ve acquired a Polish dictionary, Learn to Speak Polish books, Speaking Polish tapes and my last addition was Rosetta Stone Polish.

Original print in Poland, 1967; this addition printed in Warsaw, 1978

 Inside, cartoonish characters showing examples.

 Original print in 1966; this print Warsaw 1979.

 Inside, again with the little characters and one I even colored while try memorize text.

Educational Services Corp, Washington DC, 1992

As a youngster, I had no resources. While raising my children, I had barely enough to get by. Now all alone and retired, I have a no-touch savings account from which I spent years putting away my few extra pennies and dollars. So there it sits earning about a dollar a year in interest.


5 thoughts on “Library of Polish

  1. Jo

    You're certainly prepared for your trip with all those books, you just need to get your tongue around the words now. Fingers crossed that you manage the trip in 2012.


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