Krasnybor, Poland

This church is where
 Grandpa and Grandma Zdanowicz
 were married in 1891.  

Chandeliers made of antlers
 with modern lights added.   

Typical of the area
with all kinds of wild life, 
I love how they kept the

After their wedding celebration,
 they snuck out of Poland,
bribed a German guard
 and left Europe on one 
of those cattle boats
 heading for America but
at least it was a steamship.


3 thoughts on “Krasnybor, Poland

  1. Anne

    How wonderful Ruth. You must have a vast archive of photos!We went to Krakow a few years ago and it was wonderful.Most of the town survived the war and the churches were beautiful.

  2. Cranberry Morning

    What a beautiful church- and such an interesting story they had to tell. How hard it must have been to leave a homeland, however, even if there was promise of a safer and better life in America.


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