Water Zumba

Look out ladies, the
latest craze is hitting
America big time.
Zumba has been the
rage for several years
and now
drum roll please – 
water zumba.
Katy is one of our new teachers
and she is now certified in water
zumba as well as land

She also teaches our water
aerobics class.
With a special invitation, I
joined the throng of young
people and shook my booty
in the water of course.

I was feeling really sexy
today because I wore my
new swimsuit that I bought
last season on sale.
 It’s been in my closet
for almost a year.
This black suit has 
 micro mesh netting
which shows a little
cleavage.  I never
never on this great
earth show cleavage!

Anyway, it was daring
for me until I looked
at the young woman
next to me who had 
on a scorching red hot 
two piece swim
suit and her cleavage
was so abundant that
I felt prudish.

2 thoughts on “Water Zumba

  1. Jo

    I think I've done with two pieces now, don't want to put anyone off their dinner. Zumba is the big craze here too but I haven't seen Water Zumba advertised yet.


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