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Scavenger Hunt for February

I am linking this post to Kathy from Postcards from P.P.
Violin – first instrument I ever played.
Best food is fresh food
Mother’s love and grandma’s too.
Stupid Cupid from my teen years.
In the sky
Beautiful Utah Sky
Black and white
Unusual to have fountains running in February.
Five Chihuly Tulips from 2002 Olympics
Leap Year
I liked this movie so much that I bought myself a copy of it.
Trax train coming in from Salt Lake City to Sandy.
Sculpture of seagulls flocking to gorge themselves on crickets to save the pioneer’s crops and thereby saving them from starving to death.
No balls on the pool table. I can still wield a cue stick and clear the table.
My dear sweet Polish grandmother Stella who was the first born Polish American in our family and whom I only have photos left to remember her by. 

A Little Valentine Package

I received a little package in the mail last
 week which was a week late
 but it was full of fun little Valentine
 gifts from my loved ones.
(My daughter doesn’t realize
that the post office
doesn’t always get
packages there in
three days.)
Showing her bottom
behind R is N her sister.
There she is – no holding
still for a minute.

R wanted to shared her treasures – heart

Mini elephant notebook

S (my little tow head) sent me this
Mini bug writing pad

There was a chocolate candy bar
 which disappeared into thin air
 as soon as I saw it
 adding an extra pound or two
 on my hips.
This card, well, it speaks
for itself.

To get a picture of this cat in a
hat and scarf was a miracle
in itself.

Bliss List #3, I am Behind One

I am connecting to Liv Lane and her Bliss List Party.

1. Great Harvest sells fresh ground wheat made into the best bread in town. I stopped by to buy a loaf and to my amazement, they had Mazurka (Mazurek) – a polish pastry.  I was ecstatic so much so that I could hardly wait until I could buy one slice.  Bread took second place today.

2. I received to photos from Aleksander who lives in one of the towns where my ancestors lived in Poland. It is a tribute to my Zagorski family and was built in 1860 by Andrzej Zagorski.

3.  Sold another copy of my book called “Eames and Edwards Lineage”. It’s down to a blue moon when I have a cousin contact me by email who would like a hard copy of my book except they are all sold out so I do have CD’s of my book to sell. It took 7 years of research on that book and it grew to a gianormous size and gave me shingles.

4. Because of technology, I am able to see my grandchildren at least once a week. They live so far away now that I just can’t drive over to see them anymore. We use Skype and little N. tries to climb into the computer to touch me.

Grandma’s Aprons

From grandma’s pattern box,
I found this apron pattern.
Delightful aprons even 
back when they were
in fashion – the only
problem is that I don’t
know anyone that has
a waist that size.
Both of my grandmother’s
wore aprons over their
house dresses protecting
them from grease splatters
and flour. 

I actually own two aprons
which sit in my closet and
I never think to use them.
I don’t wear house dresses
and I really don’t cook as
much as both of my
grandmother’s did.

Downtown Salt Lake City

 Old historic ZCMI front was kept intact while the interior has been completely rebuilt by Macy’s that will open in March of 2012.

Old historic clock on Main Street.

I walked from the Salt Palace Convention Center to Main Street and on the way took a walking tour of the part of City Creek complex which has been completed. It is a major revamping and rebuilding of one Salt Lake City block.

 A tribute to the seagulls who gobbled up the black crickets saving the crops of the pioneers so that they did not starve to death.

 Two fountains flowing on February 4. Hello, it’s still winter but where is the snow?

New sign “City Creek” on the new walkways next to the fountains.

Temple square across the street from City Creek complex.

Wasatch Mountains which are the western part of the Rocky Mountains.

Root Tech at the Salt Palace

Hopped onto the Sandy Trax train. Arrived downtown Salt Lake City 45 minutes later.

All dressed up with no place to go.

Olympic 2002 sign in the background behind the tree.
Celebrating 10th anniversary.

Free bag for attending rootstech.

Did he think it was carnival? Giant beads!

Unusual decor in the winding hallway of the Salt Palace.

Video games and other games such as pool for  relaxing between massive daily classes for two
weeks. Everyone in our family used to play pool.  Jaws would drop when I’d run the table and sink that 8-ball all in one go.

 New glass bridge built for City Creek so you can cross from one shopping area to another without waiting for traffic or the train.

Window cleaners?  No, guys hanging from a skyscraper while putting up a sign with pictures of a woman’s face.

Bliss List

Connecting to Liv Lane’s blog
My blessing and bliss list:
1. I had a superb massage this week.
2. Lunch with our birthday group of four women at a Savory and Crepes – delish. Each of us had a cake bite. Have you ever had a cake bite – just the right amount of round cake totally covered with frosting?
3. No migraines even with the full moon.
4. Did I mention how much I love love love technology.  I was able to use Google translate on a message from Poland instead of spending hours with a dictionary.
5. Rode the train into Salt Lake City to Roots Tech for classes.  New – 1940 census comes out in April. Learned new words such as webinar and metatabs and even remember what they mean.
Salt Lake City Temple

6. I put Linky on my blog without a hassle.