Doodle Bugs

From a design on the web, I decided to make these cluster earrings. First on the list, it called for square hard wire which I don’t have so I used my round German style wire.

I finished off the first earring and after scrutinizing my work, realized that not only was it very heavy but I also didn’t like it so I improvised and changed the design.

I ended up with what I call Doodle Bugs because first and foremost, they are not identical. They look like bugs and what can I say.  Here they are:

Hanging Doodle Bugs.

My best design of the week is my the Duchess.

3 thoughts on “Doodle Bugs

  1. Cranberry Morning

    I love your earring creations, Ruth! When I purchased some at Christmastime for my granddaughters, they loved them too! The Doodlebug made me think of the old game 'Cootie' I used to play when I was a kid. Those earrings are so cute! And I love the Duchess ones. Nice work.♥


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