Bliss List

Connecting to Liv Lane’s blog
My blessing and bliss list:
1. I had a superb massage this week.
2. Lunch with our birthday group of four women at a Savory and Crepes – delish. Each of us had a cake bite. Have you ever had a cake bite – just the right amount of round cake totally covered with frosting?
3. No migraines even with the full moon.
4. Did I mention how much I love love love technology.  I was able to use Google translate on a message from Poland instead of spending hours with a dictionary.
5. Rode the train into Salt Lake City to Roots Tech for classes.  New – 1940 census comes out in April. Learned new words such as webinar and metatabs and even remember what they mean.
Salt Lake City Temple

6. I put Linky on my blog without a hassle.


8 thoughts on “Bliss List

  1. Snap

    A message would have made my week perfect, but no migraine is definitely worth celebrating!!! A little time out with the girls and cake! Sounds like a wonderful week. Wishing you a blissful week!

  2. Anita

    What a lovely bliss list! A massage sounds wonderful, and cake bites are little bits of heaven. It is especially wonderful that you did not get a migraine; those are definite bliss killers. Thank you so much for visiting my blog; I'm happy to have found my way here! I got an Ancestry account just a little while ago, and I haven't done much yet, but it is completely addicting. I would like to be able to do what you are doing; very cool!Have a great weekend!xo, Anita


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