Root Tech at the Salt Palace

Hopped onto the Sandy Trax train. Arrived downtown Salt Lake City 45 minutes later.

All dressed up with no place to go.

Olympic 2002 sign in the background behind the tree.
Celebrating 10th anniversary.

Free bag for attending rootstech.

Did he think it was carnival? Giant beads!

Unusual decor in the winding hallway of the Salt Palace.

Video games and other games such as pool for  relaxing between massive daily classes for two
weeks. Everyone in our family used to play pool.  Jaws would drop when I’d run the table and sink that 8-ball all in one go.

 New glass bridge built for City Creek so you can cross from one shopping area to another without waiting for traffic or the train.

Window cleaners?  No, guys hanging from a skyscraper while putting up a sign with pictures of a woman’s face.


5 thoughts on “Root Tech at the Salt Palace

  1. Jo

    You wouldn't catch me hanging from a skyscraper, they must have nerves of steel. I've been having problems getting the comment page to load since you had the linky group on your blog. My computer just seemed to go slow and crashed as it tried to load all the links. It's now dropped to another page so it looks like all is well again.


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